What is Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment is an objective fact-finding process that is considered to be best practice for preventing campus violence, workplace violence, and school violence.  The threat assessment process is not profiling and it is not a disciplinary process.  The threat assessment process is primarily support-focused and aims to prevent violence by helping those who threaten violence or cause concern about the potential for violence.

Georgetown University established its Threat Assessment program as part of an extensive emergency planning initiative.  The program at Georgetown has been developed and implemented to meet current best practices and in accordance with national standards for hazard planning in institutions of higher education  and for workplace violence prevention.

Threat Assessment at Georgetown University

Georgetown’s threat assessment program includes campus-specific teams and is overseen by the university’s Director of Threat Assessment, Marisa Randazzo, Ph.D.  Each of the teams is charged with addressing situations where there has been a threat of violence or some other behavior that raises concern over the potential for violence.

The teams are responsible for figuring out whether there is a true risk or threat, and if so finding ways to reduce the threat and maintain campus safety.  Team members work in collaboration with offices and resources across the university to maintain a safe learning, working, and living environment for Georgetown’s students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The teams include representation from multiple offices and departments across Georgetown’s campuses and schools, including Student Affairs, Office of the Provost, Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, Georgetown University Police, Student Health Services, general counsel, and other departments and/or offices as needed.